Industry Projects

PizzaROBOT: Functional Mechanical Design of an Innovative Vending Machine for Pizzas

Funding Body: External Contract
Budget : € 41.000
Duration : 06/2017-06/2018
Partners : Cibolabs srl, Fraunhofer Italia Research
Status : ongoing
Project Description:

This project deals with the cooperation in the functional design and development of an innovative automatic/robotized machine, i.e. Vending Machine, for the preparation, cooking and distribution of pizzas ready for consumption. The applied research activities, carried on together with the company Cibolabs and the Fraunhofer Italia Research, will cover the following activities:

a) Feasibility study and functional design of a system of recognition of ingredients at the end of the filling phase.
b) Feasibility study and functional design of the proof-of-concept prototype able to pick and correctly place the ingredients on the pizza dough in an automatic way (robotized solutions will be preferred).
c) Prototyping of the designed proof-of-concept.
d) Testing of the proof-of-concept and demo-cases.

Prof. Dr.
Renato Vidoni