Students' Projects

The following study projects have been or are being carried out by engineering students and support the research activities in the laboratory.

In addition, advertised topics for future study projects can also be viewed in this area. If you are interested in any of the topics, please contact the contact person listed.

2018 - Assembly optimization through the use of eye-tracking systems (ongoing)

The goal is to significantly optimize an assembly workplace with the aid of software for eyetracking. For this purpose, the eye movements of the operator are analyzed using the software in the initial state. In various optimization steps, the effect of reducing the eye movements is examined in order to draw conclusions about an efficiency increase, which should also be measured in the form of performance data.

Student: Benedikt Gregor Mark (Master of Industrial Mechanical Engineering)
Supervisor: Dr. Erwin Rauch and Dr. Yuri Borgianni

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2018 - Simulation of real time capability in production planning (ongoing)

The objective of this project is to study the effects of a nearly real-time capable production planning in Engineer-to-Order environment of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). For this reason a simulation in FlexSim should be developed by the students to simulate the effects using a traditional push-oriented and a nearly real-time pull oriented production planning approach in an industrial case.

Student: Florian Morandell, Mario Goldin (Master of Industrial Mechanical Engineering)
Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Dallasega

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2018 - Assisted assembly station for elderly and disabled workers (open)

The goal is to use a projector-based assistance system Ulixes to build up a case study for the object-oriented assembly of a pneumatic cylinder. The student creates the appropriate sequences with the assistance system and creates new apps for a more efficient application. The student should also integrate a lightweight robot (UR3) in the case of a collaborative interaction between man and machine in the case study. The aim is to design the assisted process in a way to facilitate the integration of elderly and disabled workers.

Please contact Dr. Erwin Rauch if you are interested in this study project.

2018 - Industrial automation task with the SCARA or ABB IRB120 robotic cell (open)

The target of this project is to study, design and implement a real industrial automation task. A serial robot equipped with a gripping system, a vision system, a feeder and/or a conveyor with their electric drive systems will be the main components of the automated cell. Different solutions should be evaluated, simulated and compared before the final implementation.

Please contact Prof. Renato Vidoni or Dr. Sandro Calligaro if you are interested in this study project.