SMF wins mobility funding for incoming research Dr. Tanel Aruväli

With the ASSIST for RESILIENCE project (Increasing Resilience in Manufacturing – Development of a Digital Twin Based Worker Assistance), the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano can count on the Estonian researcher Dr. Tanel Aruväli, who has extensive experience in the field of industrial automation. This is an area of research that is also the focus of the national research program. In Bolzano, the Smart Mini Factory lab for Industry 4.0 and Dr. Erwin Rauch from the Faculty of Science and Technology will welcome Dr. Aruväli for working on this important topics.

This is one the four project that in 2021 received fundings from the Regional Office for Science and Research. These efforts is part of the plan to expand the networks of South Tyrolean research institutions and strengthening South Tyrol as a research location.

To all the lucky winners we wish you good work!

Forschung: Förderung für vier Mobilitätsprojekte

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