Series of Lectures on „Real-time monitoring on the manufacturing shop floor“

Monitoring exists almost everywhere in your daily life. How about manufacturing? What are the processes to measure in shop floor? What makes a monitoring system efficient and applicable in SMEs? Who wins the most from monitoring and how every interested party is influenced? What means real-time in different contexts? Dr. Tanel Aruväli, gave a speech in the series of lecture on 7th February going through these topics and many other based on his research on real-time monitoring during his PhD studies and 10+ year experience in industrial SMEs. In his talk he also introduced the already started research project “ASSIST4RESILIENCE – Increasing resilience in manufacturing – development of a digital twin based worker assistance”, that has been funded by the Autonomous province of Bolzano. Dr Aruväli will do research and collaborate with local companies over the next 2 years to provide new insights for introducing digital twins in manufacturing.

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