The Smart Mini Factory Laboratory offers companies the opportunity to qualify and train their employees on topics related to Industry 4.0. The seminars are conducted by researchers and professors from the Smart Mini Factory Laboratory and selected external speakers.

Under “Download our brochure” you can download the training program of the Smart Mini Factory Lab as a pdf file. You can also view the individual seminars under “Our Seminars” and register online to participate in one or more seminars.


  • Construction 4.0 – Digital tools for construction sites – March 2018 – in German language
  • Human-centered work design in cyber-physical production systems – May 2018- in German language
  • Automation and Augmented Reality in Logistics – June 2018 – in German and Italian language
  • Collaborative Robotics – September 2018 – in Italian language
  • Gripper systems for robot handling – October 2018 – in Italian language
  • Computational Design for Engineering and Digital Product Development – October 2018 – in Italian language
  • Smart electric drives – November 2018 – in Italian language
  • Embedded and cyber-physical systems – November 2018 – in German language
  • Eye tracking in product development and manufacturing – December 2018 – in German and Italian