Presentation of ETAT during ICARUS project meeting in Bucharest, Romania

On Monday September 20th 2021 Dr. Erwin Rauch presented the ETAT project during a project meeting in Romania in the Erasmus+ project “ICARUS – An Innovative Higher Education Institution Training Toolbox to EffeCtively AddRess the EUropean InduStry 4.0 Skills Gap and Mismatches”. The project ETAT aims to establish teaching laboratories for Automation 4.0 in six Thai universities around Bangkok and to organize training events and material for teacher and students in Thailand. The project ICARUS produced a comprehensive Compendium and teaching material regarding Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts and is realizing a mobile training unit for teaching Industry 4.0. The discussion brought lot of ideas for synergies between the projects and a joint dissemination event will be planned in Bolzano for 2022.

21 thoughts on “Presentation of ETAT during ICARUS project meeting in Bucharest, Romania

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