Visiting Ph.D. student – Hendrik Stern from BIBA Bremen

From March to June 2018 the Smart Mini Factory Laboratory will host Mr. Hendrik Stern from BIBA Bremen. Hendrik Stern studied Industrial Engineering and Management M.Sc. in Bremen and Padova (Italy) with a focus on system development and innovation between 2007 and 2013. In his thesis he dealt with the spare parts logistics of wind turbines and developed concepts for determining the demand planning and service life prognosis of components. Since August 2014 he has been a research assistant in the cooperative research group “Production Systems and Logistic Systems” of the Faculty of Production Engineering and the BIBA at the University of Bremen under the leadership of Prof. Till Becker. His research focuses on human factors in cyber physical production systems.

During his research stay Mr. Stern works together with researchers of the Smart Mini Factory Laboratory on the investigation of human factors and work design in modern production systems. In addition to his research activities in the laboratory, Mr. Stern is also a speaker at the industry seminar “Human-centered work design in cyber-physical production systems” which will be held in May 2018 at the Smart Mini Factory lab.

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